Extended Wig Styles
                              A note about mohair. Mohair grows at a rate of about 1" per month.
                        A goat is typically shorn about twice per year. To acquire longer
                             lengths of mohair, the goat is shorn only once a year. This increases
                           the cost to acquire longer lengths of mohair. Additionally, you lose
                                      an inch or so to the wefting. A once a year cutting typically yeilds 10"-11"
                                   of useable mohair. On large extended length wigs, an extension is added
                           requiring a second layer of extended length mohair to create these
                                          beautiful wigs.

                  Aurelie Extended Length Wig Style

                           I am modeling both the Aurelie standard length and extended length wigs
                             on an all original size 12 Tete Jumeau, both with and without her hat.




                  Emilie Extended Length Wig Style

                              Marina size 7 standard length Wig

                              Emilie size 7 extended length wig

                                    Size 16 Emilie extended length wig

                                 Comparison of size 16 Emilie extended length wig with
                                 Aurelie size 16 standard length wig.
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